I love every bit of news/history I can get about the Thousand Islands! I live in So. California and have never lived near a river. Two years ago I visited the area with a daughter and her niece. we visited Boldt and Singer castles. It was a highlight of my life! I have two of your books of incredible photographs, they are in display always! Keep that camera going, please.

Connie Teffeteller, Canyon Country, CA

still the best them.

Rev. Harvey B. Jones, Lake Placid.Florida

beautiful. Wish there was photo of all the islands !

ed hansen, buffalo, n.y, ohio, mich, Fla, Thailand

Therefore a dream... An eternal glimmer while the sound of a blackbird calls the desire of an inner appearance.... Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi

Typical of everything you do, your new website is done with overwhelming passion and commitment to giving the world a unique view of one of the world's most beautiful places. Everything you have touched over these many years I have known you is a thing of beauty and excellence. Long live the drone in the hands of The Great Coristine!

Dave O'Malley, Ottawa

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