Music composed and performed by Tony Dekker and Great Lake Swimmers. My last book of photography of the 1000 Islands had to be the very best, both in content and quality. With 30,000 images to select from, these are definitely my favorites. A global search finally found a printer capable of producing pages with the same lustrous gloss as high-end book covers. In every way, the resulting "book of covers" is my very best.

[DxO Image Master] Ian Coristine: One in a Thousand app behind-the-scenes


Palmistry is the first track from Great Lake Swimmers' acclaimed album "Lost Channels" which was partially recorded in the Thousand Islands at Singer Castle, the Brockville Arts Centre and Rockport's St. Brendan's Church. Thanks to Simon Fuller and Bytown Brigantine, this music video was filmed aboard the tall ship "Fair Jeanne" as she sailed through the Thousand Islands in September 2009.

A Thousand Moods

The Thousand Islands is blessed with world class beauty, but being primarily a summer place, the other season is largely unknown, yet beautiful in a very different way. These images, distilled into a slideshow from a network camera left running in my island cottage, will take you from fall '06 through spring '07 in just eight minutes. "The River" has infinite moods, and this will share many that most never see.

I am frequently asked how I capture my aerial images. Living on an island in the middle of "the assignment" is critical and my secret weapon (the Challenger) provides an unparalleled perspective, something I have always considered "the privileged view". This footage in the Jones Creek area was edited by Louis Pouliot from footage shot by a History Channel crew.

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