I have enjoyed your work for years. I love the Islands, and now, with the ALS disease, travel to the Islands becomes very difficult for me. However, I can always open my books about the Islands and bring back many fond memories!
Herb Swingle
You Sir, are an inspiration, thank you for your work and for the spirit in which it is shared.
Coenrad Morgan, Cape Town, South Africa
Thanks for the beautiful pictures you send. I use only your photography for my backgrouds and receive a ton of complements on them. Again, thanks for sharing the beauty of the 1000 Islands with all of us who enjoy your artistry.
Sam Rivoli, Clayton, NY
Some 5 or 6 years ago I returned home one evening, opened my e-mail Inbox and clicked on an innocous looking message titled 1000 Islands. This message contained a Powerpoint presentation containing of some of the most picturesque digital stills that I have cast my eyes upon! Asides from the efforts that were made to capture the images, the person who compiled the presentation had the good wisdom to apply a fine tune of Ernesto Cortazar's to accompany the visual feast. This e-mail I regard as being the finest ever to grace my Inbox. Fast forward several years and I arrived on the U.S. side of the waterway on the eve of the 4th of July, took in the fireworks display, joined in the festivities in Clayton and retired to bed with a large grin on my face! I contributed to the local economy, took in a visit to the Antique Boat Museum and generally had a good stay. Thank you for the great work, since I am always hard at work trying to earn a living I have only just started to open (and savour) one of the many books of yours that I purchased while visiting, some of these that I brought as gifts will find their way into Christmas stockings in a few months time. The tremendous guilt of having recieved a free e-mail has now been alleviated, thank you once again. With kind regards,
Graeme O'Neale Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Last year My Daughter got married @ Boldt Caslte. I understood the magic of the seaway when I was a kid, visiting the castle in the '70's, the majesty and the romance and the lure of the miles of beautiful scenery. Last year was our third trip in the last three years. My daughter had never been there, and landed on the docks @ Alex Bay the day before her wedding. She called me, as we were in route to NY, "Mom, I'm breathless", as she took in the beauty of what surrounded her. What a magical wedding, what a beautiful place. Thank you for your site, allowing yet another opportunity to "visit from a distance".
Diane Thacker Scott
Ian, Carol and I enjoy being able to show your talent to the many guests we have visit Woronoco every summer. Your books are magnificent! I believe that you and Paul Malo have done more to make people aware of the magic here than anyone else.
Dan & Carol Mossien Woronoco Island
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your book One in a Thousand. Our family has a cottage close to your island and I have been coming to the area for over 30 years from New Brunswick. My first trips to the region were as a young boy and the region gave me many wonderful memories. My first fishing trips, learning to captain my own boat, swimming in the beautiful clear water, rushing to the cottage to meet up with my summer best friend at the cottage next door, trying to get the rabbit ears to capture a few channels to fill our evenings in, getting caught in a wonderful afternoon thunder and lighting storm and so many more. As an adult I have done my best to transfer my love of the river to my family. I am pleased to say it's working. I dream of owning my own special place in the area and will continue chasing this dream. Reading your background information and the story behind the pictures was thrilling. We have just returned from two weeks on the river and I excitedly woke up each morning to read the next chapter.. Before we left I had to come by your special island and now understand clearly why you were driven to own this piece of heaven. Ian thank you for taking the journey.
Don Darling
Beautiful photos!! My husband and I recently read the ebook "One in a Thousand" and we were enthralled with your story and your beautiful photos. So much so that we took our vacation up to the Thousand Islands area earlier this month (Aug 2013). We stayed in Clayton and GanAnoque and visited Corbin's bookstore to purchase your most recent book. It was fun to visit Brockville and wellseley Island (where we talked to a local gentleman about the area) and other towns and areas you wrote about in "One in a Thousand". We continue to learn and read more about TI, including this Thousand Islands Life. Your books and photos are outstanding and give the feeling of true peacefulness. Keep up the good work!
Donna & Jim Wieseler Hortonville, Wisconsin
Ian.... Always a great feeling to see your pics.... and comments... we will be working again at the Castle... God bless ,,, you are the best.... Harvey and Flo Jones iI i
Rev... Harvey and Flo Jones
Hey - great iPad app. It was just the ticket for a long airplane ride. Pretty cool. Thanks for the interactive experience, it was very entertaining.
Robert Sawyer, Los Angeles
Ian- thanks for the live cam. So very, very thoughtful of you to add a thermometer for us weather nuts (me). Have a very wonderful 2013. You give soo much to us all! Editor's note: the live cam is courtesy of Fernbank's John Street.
jack patterson/axeman isle- norwalk, ct
Even though we had grown up and traveled widely throughout Upstate New York, my wife and I never made it to the 1,000 Islands region until this August. We fell in love with the region during our brief visit. While exploring the history displays in the Cornwall Brothers Store & Museum in Alexandria Bay, the proprietor noted the iPad I was toting and suggested that I may be interested in a new app for it. The glossy post card advertisement he handed me looked intriguing so I downloaded 'One in a Thousand' that night. What a wonderful, fantastic app and story! This app has helped me to learn more about and continue my 'explorations' of the islands region even though I'm sitting 100 miles away. The presentation of Ian's story via the iPad brings the story and region to life in a truly fantastic way and wonderfully demonstrates all the technology that the iPad has to offer. I've been demonstrating the 'book' to everyone! Going forward, it is going to be hard to read another book without all the great interactive features that 'One in a Thousand' brings with it! Ian's story itself is wonderful and reminds me of another story of personal 'exploration' that I have enjoyed, 'A Walk in the Woods' by Bill Bryson. And I was excited to read that 'One in a Thousand' co-author Donna Walsh Inglehart is currently writing a book about shipbuilder Bath Iron Works. As a former employee of that great Maine shipbuilding company, I am anxious to read her offering when it becomes available. Thank you Ian, for sharing your story with me and for doing so in such a dramatic fashion! I am more than a bit envious of you as I continue to seek my own 'Raleigh'! Mike O'Neill
Mike O'Neill/Clay, NY
Beautiful photography and videography perspective of an area with great vistas; I was fortunate to discover it as an 18 yr old many years ago. We used to travel up to Alex Bay from Oswego to go bar hopping and boating. Didn't appreciate the beauty then but have since understood what a beautiful place it is in retrospect. How good to know that it has not been overun by touristas like a Key West. Maybe the area is blessed to have such weather extremes that allow it to recover and remain pristine and not overcrowded as some of our coastal towns in Florida!
Jerry Tetro Seminole, Florida
My husband, Conrad, and I are cruising the Great Circle route, circumnavigating the interior river system and the inter-coastal waterways. We have logged approximately 5000 miles by water. We have experienced many adventures and beautiful scenery. I have to say that the 1000 Island region is by far our favorite spot. We decided to suspend our cruising to complete our trip until next year, and spend the summer exploring the region more thoroughly. Ian Corstine's pictorial essay of this beautiful place is truly incredible. He has captured the beauty, tranquility and amazing scenery of this special place unknown to the world in his superlative pictures... thank you thank you!!!!! PS I also purchased two of your books and a number of postcards. My family and friends have marveled at them.
Bonnie Debel-Fingerson / Rochester, MN USA
All I can say is WOW! My sister-in-law and I went on an excursion to Perth yesterday to do a little shopping. A clerk at one of the shops mentioned that behind their store, there was a charity sale occurring and suggested we check it out. Upon looking at the various wares, I happened upon your Water, Wind and Sky book. I decided to purchase it on a whim, since it featured photographs of an area I have visited on and off since my childhood. I had no idea at the time what an impact this book would have. When we returned to the cottage, I sat down to relax and read through your book a little more thoroughly. As I looked at the photos and read the accompanying text, I found I could not put the book down. My sister-in-law read it today and experienced the same feeling. I decided to check out your website too, and had the same reaction! I then realized that your book, purchased on an impulse, has had a profound effect on me. It isn't just the photos of familiar locations on the St. Lawrence, or even learning about some of the islands I never knew about. It's also readiing all of the comments in the Guestbook from people across the globe, all experiencing similar reactions to the way you portray this beautiful wonder of the world. It's the videos that have been uploaded to the site and set to wonderful music scores. It's how your work (a true labor of love) has touched us all in a way that few things can. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your book, and wish you continued success and safety as you continue your endeavor to share the magic of the islands with all of us.
Anita - Bob's Lake, ON
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